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About BandLab

BandLab is the flagship digital product in Caldecott Music Group’ portfolio of music brands, and a leading social music creation platform with a global reach of over 37 million users. Through its best-in-class digital audio workstation (DAW) and audio hardware division, BandLab empowers creators to make music and share their creative process with musicians and fans on an unprecedented level.

The BandLab product family also includes BandLab for Education, an award-winning music creation platform with classroom management tools, and Cakewalk by BandLab, a professional-level digital recording studio for career musicians and producers.

Praise for BandLab

“BandLab has one of the best recording interfaces around” - WIRED
“Online DAWs have come a long way in the past few years, and none more so than BandLab, a virtual music-making environment that’s totally free to use” - DJ Mag
“It’s a good fit for musicians who want to try their hand at recording or production without having to download and install any additional software, and comes with a surprisingly robust library of effects plugins and sounds from different genres... it’s a great way to learn how to do essential production tasks like drum programming” - Pitchfork
“BandLab is a product that encourages collaborative music-making between people in different locations ... The app also makes it easy for like–minded musicians to form bands” - Sound on Sound

Press enquiries

If you’re a member of the press and would like to find out more about BandLab, please visit our online press kit or contact our press office:

User Support

If you are a BandLab User and need support, please visit the BandLab Help Center
If the Help Center doesn't cover your enquiry, please see on this page how to contact BandLab.

Key Features

  • BandLab works on both iOS and Android. Everything users create is hosted in the cloud, so they can capture musical ideas wherever they are, then further develop them using BandLab’s web-based, MIDI-enabled app. BandLab is the only cross-platform option available to creators today.
  • They can choose to make their music public, so other musicians can collaborate and add their own skills to the project.
  • They can form bands with other musicians – from across the street or the other side of the world. Or invite anyone they like to collaborate on an individual project.
  • BandLab keeps track of every change to every song you make. With Version History, you can browse all versions of your project anytime and anywhere.
  • BandLab features advanced music-making tools on the web, including a MIDI editor, a huge library of professionally-created loops and virtual instruments including pianos, organs, strings, woodwind, brass and bass. There’s also a range of drum kits, drum pads and a drum machine.
  • BandLab also offers a range of guitar effects which can turn any computer into an amplifier and can be added either during or after recording.
  • On mobile devices, BandLab offers 16 channels to start recording and developing ideas.
  • BandLab Sampler lets you make music out of any sound. Create your very own samples from scratch, customize each sample, tap into our library of more than 15,000 (and growing) royalty-free samples – you can truly create without limits.
  • Designed in collaboration with multi-platinum, Grammy-winning artists and mastering engineers, BandLab Mastering creates professional-grade sound and is 10x faster than the competition.
  • BandLab Albums is a publishing tool that enables artists to monetize their music releases and keep 100% of the profits
  • Musicians and fans can download BandLab for free from the iTunes or Google Play stores.

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BandLab is the flagship digital platform of Caldecott Music Group, a collective of music focused brands creating a connected world of music.